Mercedes-Benz International School
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Facility Provided


School Lunch

Hot and freshly prepared lunches are provided in school : both Indian and Continental. The food is cooked in house on campus and quality is supervised by the school. The catering has been outsourced to an international food service provider Sodexho.  

Students also have the option of bringing their own lunches.  

All students must bring snacks for their snack break.


transport Transport for MBIS School is operated by the School Administration.  All transport services are handled directly by MBIS, who have an office on the 01st floor of the administration building..

All MBIS buses comply with RTO requirements: the distinguishing yellow colour, speed control systems, stop arms, seatbelts and many other features.  All our buses have been fitted with Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) systems that enables us to monitor the movement of the buses at all times. Our buses travel on fixed routes picking up students along the route. All bus drivers  have a “School Bus Driver badge” issued by the RTO, and each bus  also has a bus conductor to assist with student comfort, safety and security.

All students are provided with RFID identity cards.  Children  swipe their cards on entry to the bus and on exit from the bus thus providing an accurate record of who travelled on each bus. 


Medical room

The MBIS medical unit is looked after by a qualified nurse with a doctor on call. The doctor visits the school every Tuesday and Thursday for an hour. The nurse is available throughout the school day. A well equipped medical unit is situated in the hostel building, to handle first-aid cases and minor ailments. We have a tie-up with Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital for any emergency.