Welcome to Mercedes-Benz International School (MBIS) and welcome to Pune, India’s most liveable city!

This year, MBIS is celebrating 20 years of educational excellence. Whether you are a new member of our community, if you are thinking of joining us, or if you have been a member of our community for many years, we hope you will join us in this important milestone celebration. We also wish to welcome our Alumni to join and celebrate our 20 years.

Founded in 1998, MBIS provides students a learner-focused, rigorous and balanced education which draws on the best pedagogical methods in international practice including an emphasis on inquiry. Learning is focused on knowledge, skills as well as attitudes. We are very proud to be India’s first 3-Programme IB World school.

Mercedes-Benz International School

Mercedes-Benz International School is a three hour journey along a modern expressway, from Mumbai, the Commercial capital of India. Located in Hinjewadi, a modern and fast developing InfoTech Park in Pune’s urban-rural belt, it commands all the facilities and amenities necessary for top class education any where in the world. The climate of Pune benefits from its altitude and is pleasant throughout the year. A rapidly developing industrial city with a high representation of multinational corporations

The Primary Years Programme is provided for children in the Primary school (3 – 11 years). A place where students are supported to become independent and autonomous learners through play, inquiry and a concept based approach.

The Middle Years Programme is provided for students in the Secondary School (11 – 16 years). It prepares students to be successful in school and to be active, lifelong learners.

The Diploma Programme, provides the final two years of education (16 – 18 years). It prepares students for success in higher education and to be active participants in a global society.