HKC (Helping Korean children Club) is created at international schools to help Korean students (MYP) who have not been able to adapt well due to cultural differences or language barriers. Promote their learning by helping children with difficult subjects or tasks. Furthermore, we aim to increase their TOK and ATL skills through several discussions about global issues. There are 3 major programs what we taught to students for their IB tasks.

Firstly, presentation is one of the most common tasks in IB at this time. However, children who just graduated from PYP have little or no experience creating presentation. So, I taught how to make a presentation to students. I explained it by using presentation which is a reference material. I had to study how can we use presentation properly. And it also made me to develop my presentation skills. When I guided them, it was hard to explain the detail tools and techniques of Presentation such as making animation or design properly.

Secondly, essay is also one of the most well known tasks in IB at this time. Even though, some of the children have done it before, majority of students don’t know specific points which are the most significant in term of grade. I did revision how can we write essay properly and the process of revision made me to develop my own writing skills with restructuring techniques. Within the process of class, the most difficult one for me as a supervisor was to explain the detail tools and techniques of report such as changing form of words or designing format of report properly. From this activity, I think I was able to learn how to treat the students who just become teenagers comfortably.

Lastly, lab report is very common tasks in science subject of IB at this time even in the university. By teaching the scientific terms which can be used in lab report, I realized a little bit about the mechanism how children start to accept and adopt to new word. They prefer the words which are more familiar, and they tend to avoid to use new words. I think I will be able to understand and sympathy about their minds furthermore through this class.

I have already talked about presentation, essay and lab report and  that are the basis for IB tasks. It may be more difficult to write an essay, lab report and presentation in English than to write in Korean. However, we can complete those tasks if we know how to narrow down the scope of them by setting a core topic – building a solid frame (overview) – and verifying details. I hope students to become more confidence after learning how to do their tasks.

Published on 14 March, 2019 by Junghyeon Ju