Barkha BajajThe psychologist at MBIS is Barkha Bajaj and she has a Masters in Clinical Psychology from the University of Pune and Masters in Counseling Psychology from Texas Woman’s University Denton, Texas. She is trained in play therapy and the relational cultural approach to therapy. She provides emotional support and guidance to students from PYP, MYP and the DP program. Students from all three programs are provided individual counseling on a weekly or biweekly basis. Group counseling and in- class interventions are also implemented to deal with relational issues in the classroom.

Counseling Upper SchoolThe counselor also acts as the liaison between the teachers and the parents when required. Constant parent and teacher training are done to help all parties to understand students better and provide a holistic approach. The counselor goes into the classes to talk about various topics under Personal Health and Social Education (PHSE). At the PYP level topics like Respect and Tolerance, Anger management, Communication and Feelings, Body talk, Rough Play, Bullying Intervention are covered. In MYP topics like Racism, Sexism, Body Image, Sex Education, Bullying prevention and Teen Dating are discussed. At the DP level issues like Dating and relationships, Preventing teen dating violence, Time management, Alcohol and Drug Prevention and Healthy Sexuality are also discussed. New modules are constantly designed and implemented depending on the trends being observed in school. The PHSE curriculum is revamped on a yearly basis.

Students of MBIS are open to counseling and it is seen as completely normal and important. Students are not only referred but also come to seek counseling services to discuss family issues or school related problems. MBIS has an extremely healthy attitude towards counseling which reflects in the students attitude.