The MBIS  community as a whole is  diverse and inclusive. It is a part of our school mission and vision to educate the whole child  and develop physically, socially and emotionally aware students and independent thinkers

The Student Support Services comprises a collaborative team of Counselors, Learning Support teachers and Educational Psychologists who foster the development of academic, behavioral and social-emotional well being of the students. As a team we work closely with the staff and community to provide a supportive learning environment, emotional well being and positive social skills.

We have professionally trained counselors, who aim to provide a safe and a confidential environment for students to receive Counseling both short term and long term  in a group or in a 1 on 1 setting. A comprehensive counseling program has been developed to provide guidance for a range of students to develop their academic, career, transitions, and personal/social self. The counselors deliver the preventive program through  lessons in the classrooms- via the Core lessons in the Secondary school and the PSHE in the Primary school.

The  Learning Support department  follows a multi-tier support structure, as this helps  cater to the needs of every student. The Learning Support team  works closely with the teaching community, administrators and families to facilitate a positive academic experience for all students from K-12.

We understand that some students might face academic challenges and may require extra support in some areas, therefore differentiation strategies are developed and specific accommodations are provided when required. There is an emphasis on data based decision making, therefore the  team conducts both formal and informal evaluation at school to develop Individual Education Plans and guides students to achieve the identified goals.

As a department we have an open door policy and are always ready to meet with students and parents in case of a crisis or tragedy  at home or at school. We liaise with professionals out in the community to support our families example- Child development pediatricians/ psychologists, Neurologists, Occupational/ Speech therapists and Psychiatrists.

As a team our aim is to  nurture the academic, personal and social growth of  our students at MBIS.

Team Members-

Mr. Tim Getter                 – College and University Counselor.

Ms. Beena Abraham       – Primary Learning Support.

Ms. Shambhavi Singh    – School Counselor, Core and PSHE Teacher-(Primary and Middle School) .

Ms. Harjyot Malhotra    – Educational Psychologist, Head Student Services and Secondary Learning Support.