The school teaches 180 days a year from early August to mid June , in two semesters. The two semesters are of approximately 85 and 95 days respectively. These are further divided into two terms each making four terms altogether. The school day runs from 0810 hrs to 1610 hrs , with some variation according to the ages of students.

Preschool 1 0810 hrs to 1200 hrs
Preschool 2 and 3 0810 hrs to 1430 hrs
PYP Timings 0810 hrs to 1430 hrs
MYP Timings 0810 hrs to 1510 hrs
DP Timings 0810 hrs to 1510 hrs

Students to be in by 0800 hrs first lesson at 0810 hrs end of school is 1420 hrs.

MBIS offers a range of after school activities beginning PYP onward. These are held from 1400 hrs to 1500 hrs for the Primary school and from 1520 hrs to 1610 for the Secondary school.