School Timing

Mahindra International School operates 5 days a week, Monday through Friday.  The school timings are 08.10 to 4.20 pm.

Early years 1/ Preschool 1 – 8.10 to 12 noon

Early years 2/ Preschool 2 – 8.10 to 2.30 pm

Early years 3/ Preschool 3 – 8.10 to 2.30 pm


Primary school – 8.10 to 2.30 pm

Secondary School 8.10 to 3.10 pm

The School offers an After School Activities program that is conducted as below

Primary School – 2.30 to 3.10 pm

Secondary School – 3.10 to 4.20 pm


Lunch is available to all students at an extra cost within a spacious and well-equipped cafeteria. Meals are prepared onsite daily in a modern and fully equipped catering kitchen by a professional catering company.

Careful attention is paid to providing balanced meals and a daily variety of both Western and Asian options. Food storage, presentation and disposal are closely monitored according to international hygiene and food safety standards.

Menus are updated on a weekly basis on the school website.

The school cafeteria does not provide snacks and it is required to be provided from home, filtered and treated water is provided in the water dispensers located in school. Students are required to bring their own water bottles.


Students are welcome to bring their own lunch, microwaves are provided in the school cafeteria, should the student need to warm their home brought lunch.

Transport – The School operates and manages a fleet of 15 busses. The details of bus routes, pick-up and drop-off points, time schedules are provided by the School at the time of admission of students, should the student decide to enroll with the school transport system.

Transport is allocated on first come first served basis.

For security reasons we do not publish the bus routes and as per school policy we service only arterial routes and do not service by lanes or society compounds thereby increasing the efficiency of the school transport system.




ID cards – Upon admission, the student, parents and a designated care giver are  provided with ID cards for entry in and out of school. These must be carried by the student on a daily basis.

The cost of replacing a Lost/Damaged ID card is INR 850.00

Medical – The health and safety of our students is important to us.  The medical centre is suitably equipped and is manned by a qualified and experienced nurse. It is open through the school day, while the school doctor is available two days in a week and for any emergency.

For medical emergency or a need for expert intervention the School has a tie up with a leading hospital in Pune located a kilometer away.

The medical centre maintains high standards of hygiene and a well-documented system of students’ health records.

Our school teaching and non- teaching staff undergo first aid training.

Uniforms – Mahindra International School prescribes a uniform for all students. Students are expected to take pride in their personal appearance and to conform to all rules governing the school uniform.

The school uniform is a white cotton t-shirt available in two designs – round neck and polo t-shirt and can be purchased from the school store. The bottom for both boys and girls should be comfortable and respect the host country culture. No frayed or torn jeans are allowed. More information on the Uniform policy and the “do’s and don’t” can be found in the Student Handbook.

For PE lessons students are required to wear the PE uniform, these are available in the school store and needs to be carried for PE lessons.  A swim kit consisting of a swimming costume (one piece for girls) and cap and goggles needs to purchased and carried for swim lessons.