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College Counseling Corner

College Counseling Corner The last few weeks have been busy with the DP2 students making final decisions on college applications, preparing their essays, documents and submitting them. This is also the start of an exciting and stressful time waiting for decisions, which have already started to trick

Primary Choir

The Primary Choir, as an ECA, has gone from strength to strength over the past four years. We find that there is a high level of interest from all our student and that one attraction, besides the opportunity to express themselves in song, is the now traditional performances at hotels around Pune for

Integration in the PYP

In the PYP, the units of inquiry create the entire school’s Programme of Inquiry (POI). When planning for learning, all teachers collaboratively look for connections between the elements of each unit and the “specialist subjects.” When looking for links, we focus on students experiencing real

Art in the Diploma Programme

Collage as art form for experimentation is the aim of DP 1 student Beatrice Maurilli. To address this challenge, Beatrice immediately turned to her sketchbook and began literally cutting and pasting images from magazines, newspapers, and abandoned pieces of paper with bits of paint and pencil sketch

Celebration of Learning

The students constructed Totem Poles where they identified their beliefs, values and family characteristics. They approached the Summative Assessment in a variety of ways: Armaan drew a detailed poster Totem in earthy shades, Aaryan constructed a Totem of himself only and outlined the different aspe

International School Library Month

International School Library Month is celebrated in October around the world to understand the importance of school libraries. MYP 1, 2, 3 are participating in the Digital  Book Mark Exchange activity  organised by the “International School Library Association”.  The Theme for this month is

Learning By Doing

At MBIS we promote this more recent learning method. That is why when English language and literature students of MYP 5 knew that they were going to take ownership of their own learning by producing a film on the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, that they are currently studying in class, the

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