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Outdoor classroom day

MBIS Preschoolers celebrated ‘Outdoor Classroom day’ on the12th of October, 2017 with the rest of the world. We were immensely proud to be a part of this global campaign which was observed in India for the first time this year. This was a powerful sensory experience of learning and creating last

Visit to a Farm

PYP 1 – Promoting Learning Beyond the Classroom On the very last day before the Diwali break, Friday the 13th of October, the children of PYP1 took their inquiry into the importance of vegetation, beyond the walls of their classroom through an enlightening trip to the Garware Farms. Accompanie

ISACI girls team

For some of the DP students, this was their last ISACI, and even though we did not win first, second, or even third place it was still an unforgettable trip. The MBIS Eagles have something that no one can take away from them, and that is their spirit. Instead of giving up with each goal […]

Basket ball winners

This season, basketball boys won the ISACI tournament. After 4 years of hard practices for many players, the first place trophy was finally brought back to Pune. What impressed me the most in our team, was our solidarity and chemistry. I think I can compare our team to a card castle: one card goes a

PYP Art work

From the PYP Art Room PYP 5 have enjoyed thinking from the perspective of the Warli and Gond tribal communities of India for their transdisciplinary unit on Migration. Having researched the customs, traditions and art of the tribal communities the students chose their interest groups. They then wor

Experiential learning

The  PYP 3 students had an enjoyable and memorable start to this week, as they set out on a journey to Tamhini. Geared up for the field trip, the children got a chance to be amongst  nature and explore their way through this forested area. We  were accompanied by Mr. Anirudh Chaoji and Mr. Monish