Early Years Action

What does it entail to appreciate others who help us daily? Often others can fall into the background and become part of the routine, where we forget what they do and the assistance that they give to each of us. Each Early Years Class investigated into what our lives would be like if we didn’t [&h

‘World Earth Day’

With the arrival of ‘World Earth Day’- 22nd April 2019, the PYP 4 learners launched themselves into a STEAM inspired learning engagement during their Information Literacy lessons. We made Tunnel Books based on “The Great Kapok Tree” by Lynne Cherry using Science, Technology, Engineering, Art

X 2019

Design Stage One: Empathize Our world Nathan Bidault – Nathan presents his Empathize process surrounding chronic disease to his PYP 3 peer. Humanity has a variety of diseases. Do you have experience with diseases? First of all, do you know what type of diseases there are in the world? If you

World Art Day in the PYP

Why visit an art gallery, when we have our own Da Vincis, Monets, Raphaels and Van Goghs here at MBIS!!Staying true to the spirit of World Art Day, the PYP recently worked on a collaborative art project that symbolises the very essence of our learning community.From PS 1 to PYP 5, each class was pro

MBIS Disco party

The final MBIS disco party, cannot be put into words. From making a human pyramid, while dancing to “Old Town Road”, to girls taking selfies at the photo booth station, the whole two hours, I’d say MBIS’s last disco party, certainly hit a home run. The students seemed fairly pleased with the