Dis-moi dix mots

Dis-moi dix mots “Dis-moi dix mots” is an annual competition organized by the the Alliance Francaise  de Pune to celebrate French Language and Francophonie week, in association with the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. We were given 10 words in French and we had to draw an image an

The Maths Club

The Mathematical Challenges and Problem Solving Club (also known as “the Maths club”) is an afterschool activity led by DP2 students, which takes place almost every Friday. The club is meant for the younger MYP students. The covered topics revolve obviously around Maths, but the techniques to te

Teacher appreciation day

The Teacher’s Appreciation Day at MBIS, has always been a celebration of our Teacher’s and Administration staff’s efforts, dedication and commitment to the success of our students. Today was no different. The students, parents and the PTA members came together to honor and appreciate the dedic

PYP 1 Lets Dance!

PYP1: Let’s Dance In the past few weeks, our new unit “How we express ourselves”, has had the children of PYP1 swirling and twirling and actually dancing to a myriad of different tunes. It has also upheld our belief that engaging with our community allows us to celebrate our cultural diversity

Bhai Behen Day 2018

Demonstration of a DP CAS Project A creative engagement of students in the IB Diploma Programme is an experiential Creativity, Activity, and/or Service learning project. This authentic project-based-learning experience is one that best shows the stages of investigation, collaboration, preparation, a


Two years of experimentation, exploration, introduction, documentation, and story telling in attempts to capture the process of the DP1 and DP2 Visual Arts journey has unfolded right here at MBIS. Zenith is the collective work of Eight students who worked on themes such as Nature, Spirituality, Memo