Trip to Kamshet

The children of PYP 1 have always been thrilled about field trips and this trip was no different. Their outing to Kamshet had them abuzz, bustling with endless energy and brimming with enthusiasm and camaraderie. Upon reaching the scenic Camp Water’s Edge, the children had a lavish breakfast which

Our Marvellous Bodies

The PYP 3 students had a busy week before the start of the Christmas Break inquiring into the Respiratory system and the Circulatory System. To gain a clear understanding of the circulatory system, general practitioner Doctor Suganthi Kumaran, visited our class. Through a video followed by a well l


Six of our students participated in the THIMUN conference at Singapore last week.  It was a happy mix of learning and fun. Being a part of such a big conference was an overwhelming experience but they quickly learnt to get their voices heard in the vibrant and engaging debates.  Here are some of t

Preschool Christmas Concert

Thereafter the children mesmerised us with their effortless performances, whether it was PS1 melting away as snowmen, PS2 singing their parts impromptu or PS3 creating musical snowflakes, on tuned percussion or as wonderful dancers . Each year group’s performance was  unique in it’s own way and

Digestive System

She began by asking students to eat a piece of fruit and to focus on what happens to it once it is inside their mouth. She drew their attention to how the different teeth inside,  together with the saliva and tongue  make up the first step of the Digestive System. Moving on, she used a […]

PYP1: Terrific Transportation

  An Interview with Mr. Sawant- As we set about inquiring into our school transportation system, the children drew up an impressive list of more than thirty things they  wanted to find out about our school buses. Who better to ask these questions to, than our very own Head of Transportation, M