The Guys & Dolls Jr.

The Guys & Dolls Jr. A musical is fast approaching and rehearsals are underway! This week, the cast eagerly continues to learn the show’s music. Over the past few weeks, they have been rehearsing and learning lyrics to The Oldest Established as well as Luck Be a Lady, both of which involve a m

PYP 2 Art Exhibition

The PYP 2 was humming with activity in the second week of February. Their journey of expressing themselves creatively was finally culminating on February 7th. Both the classes had been clamoring to take home their artwork from their unit about expressing their ideas creatively. But we had a bigger,

The Power of Play

When we think about play we do not all picture the same things, our concept of play is shaped by our exposure in childhood, the communities we grew up in and the experiences we were afforded. As educators we see play, in its many forms, as being central to learning and essential for the development