Pi day at MBIS

The number 3.14159365359… is π/Pi, is irrational and goes on infinitely, as most people tend to do. Being the ratio of a circle’s circumference to the diameter, it is a very important mathematical constant. Pi day is an annual opportunity for math enthusiasts to memorise and recite its never-en

MYP 3 Field Trip – IDU

Art of Science This year MYP 3 went to The Little Rann of Kutch, Gujarat. We went from the 4th of February to the 8th of February and we visited many different places and learned about the diverse culture. Our intentions as a class was to have an educational trip full of bonding with each […]

IB Arts Exhibition

MBIS proudly pronounces our IB Arts Exhibition on Friday, 29th March, 2019 to present our DP2 Art student’s artwork. We are privileged to present our DP2 Art students which encompasses Anya Divekar, Meghan Kalvey, Lukas Konig, Beatrice Maurilli and Harvey Jones. The above artists have been working

PYP3-5 Sports Day 2019

On March 1st, PYP3-5 had their annual sports day. It was a fun-filled two hours with a range of activities. At stake were the gold medals and coveted house cup awarded to the winning house.  Besides having fun, students could also make connections to their learning in class; the past four units