The Travelling Teddy Bear

Teddy, the Travelling Bear arrived at Mercedes Benz International School, on 21st February after a long journey from Helendale Road Primary School in New York, USA. He was welcomed warmly by the enthusiastic and happy Preschoolers in the traditional Indian way, by performing an ‘arati’ and apply


Holi, the festival of colours was celebrated last Tuesday by the MBIS early years community. It was quite different to our previous experiences of the festival. Many elements of Holi were added to the morning, representing cultural diversity within our host country in response to the looming issue o


PS1 has been learning about how animals play an essential role in our community and the ways in which we are responsible in taking care of them. The unit is under the transdisciplinary theme of how we share the planet, with a central idea: “animals play an essential part in our community”. On Fr

Annual Pre-school field trip

The Annual PS day trip is one of the major events in the early years calendar. Each year the three PS classes plan and spend a day out outside school in a new environment. This year was no different. After carefully considering previous venues and a few suggestions regarding weather conditions, we d

How we organise ourselves

There was a lot of excitement and enthusiasm generated when Preschool 3 went  for a ride in an Autorickshaw and on a Bullock Cart. This engagement was planned in connection with the Transdisciplinary Theme ‘How we Organize Ourselves’ and the Central Idea – ‘Transportation systems conne