PYP Art work

From the PYP Art Room PYP 5 have enjoyed thinking from the perspective of the Warli and Gond tribal communities of India for their transdisciplinary unit on Migration. Having researched the customs, traditions and art of the tribal communities the students chose their interest groups. They then wor

Experiential learning

The  PYP 3 students had an enjoyable and memorable start to this week, as they set out on a journey to Tamhini. Geared up for the field trip, the children got a chance to be amongst  nature and explore their way through this forested area. We  were accompanied by Mr. Anirudh Chaoji and Mr. Monish

Celebration of Learning

The students constructed Totem Poles where they identified their beliefs, values and family characteristics. They approached the Summative Assessment in a variety of ways: Armaan drew a detailed poster Totem in earthy shades, Aaryan constructed a Totem of himself only and outlined the different aspe


In the PYP we use visual arts to enhance and support our Unit of Inquiry learning when and where appropriate.  This first set of units has seen 3 grade levels linking to Visual Art naturally and we have a range of products to showcase with you. From PYP 1– Collaborative group work illustratin


For their first Unit WHO WE ARE-Art is a personal expression, the young artists of PYP 1 created self portraits to demonstrate that though we are all similar in many ways, we are all different! They illustrated things they liked or were passionate about and used their favorite colours for the backgr

PYP4 Assembly Reflection

Our Unit of Inquiry is “Who We Are” which is about our beliefs, values and traditions. Our class discussion was the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi and the beliefs behind it. We were thinkers when we researched and we used creativity to sculpt eco-friendly Ganeshas in Visual Art with Ms. Charmaine