PYP to ResQ

P To inquire into the ongoing unit of ‘How we organise ourselves’, PYP 3 went on a field trip to a local animal charitable organisation, ResQ. Spread across a hillock, towards the outskirts of Pune, ResQ boasts of a large area dedicated to our four-legged friends. With the noble endeavour of

Primary ECA Choir

For this first semester, we have had one particular ECA which is quite special. This time, Primary Choir have really outdone themselves by doing not one but two solo performances.  We also supported the concerts in school. The first one at Conrad Hotel on the 8th December, to ignite the light of Ch


We, the PYP 3 students, were recently engaged in a memorable Celebration of Learning. Our adventurous ‘behind-the-scenes’ moments bridged the gap between two units, helping us present the learning of the previous unit, while preparing us for the next one! We entered the class to realize that our

VISIT TO BIB art center

The morning of 23rd October brought forth an air of excitement in the PYP 2 classrooms. The PYP 2’s had been holding their breath in anticipation for this day. It was finally here! The day that they would venture out on their first field trip as a group of PYP 2 students. A whole day […]