Saturday Football Club

The Saturday Football Club was started in 2013 by the parents of the students. The club is open to all students from PYP2 to MYP2 and runs every Saturday from 8.30am to 9.30am. Children come together to learn the skills required to play the game and are led by enthusiastic parent coaches. The occasi

Leadership and Life Skills ECA:

In our current globalised and competitive world a powerful first impression is imperative to make sure the perception of you is exactly how you want it to be. Our parent volunteer is working with students from grades MYP1 to DP on a number of factors ranging from how to communicate through effective

MYP Math Olympiad Training and PYP Math Club

On December 10, 2016, forty PYP3-PYP5 students and fifty-59 MYP 1-5 students gave the SOF 10th International Mathematics Olympiad.  Each student gave their best during the rigorous one hour exam.  Results will be expected in early 201, but our students are commended for being risk-takers and takin

Celebrating Diversity

In this final installment related to the MBIS mission, the third aspect of our mission is highlighted. Diversity within our community is seen as a key strength of the school by design as well as by composition. Last weekend’s PTA sponsored Mela was a great showcase of our diversity. A poignant rem

First Semester Coffee Morning

The first MBIS PTA Coffee Morning was hosted on August 29th, 2016 at School. The weather held up for us and we enjoyed our time out on the terrace/ walkway above the Cafeteria! Following a few words by Ms. Niedermann, we had a brief introduction to the newly appointed Office Bearers and Class Repres