MYP 4 Field Trip

The MYP 4 students visited “Udaipur” the scenic city of lakes and “Kumbhalgarh” the impressive historic fort in the state of Rajasthan from 5th to 9th February. The trip included several activities focusing on the history, art, traditional music and dance forms of Rajasthan. It was inspiring

PE Update

  Middle School Sports Festival Another ISACI season is finished with our Middle School Boys and Girls teams recently heading to Stonehill International School in Bangalore. Both teams are expected to play in both of basketball and soccer, with one day of competition for each. Our boys came hom

Service learning

A lot of excitement came to MPY 1-3 students as they started a new module called “Service Learning in Core”. Learning Service in Core was organized differently as we wanted our students to explore and understand the real meaning of service within Service as Action at MBIS. Therefore  the Learni