Honk JR. Update

Over the past weeks we have watched the production of HONK! We have seen many students working together and participating to make our end of year show possible. We feel really strongly that if we all work together we will be able to produce an end of year performance that will be memorable for both

MYP 1-3 Disco Party

The school year is soon coming to an end and everyone will soon be off on their holidays. Before that MYP 1-3 will be holding a Disco Party organized by the Student Council, the first MYP Middle School Party at MBIS, to commemorate the learning and effort that has been put into this academic year. [

University offers

We are happy to celebrate and share with you our growing list of college offers and acceptances. DP2 students have now completed their IB Examinations and we look forward to their Graduation from MBIS in the coming week. All but a few applications are still pending and the process is continuing for

Honk ! Jr.

The production of Honk! Jr. is on it’s way! With students actively participating and playing their parts for the show in preparation for the real thing. As part of HONK! We have decided to place a giant inflatable rubber duck in the school pool to spread the word. As a part of the props for [&hell

Self Worth

Our unit was taken by Ms. Isabel, on a module called “Self Worth”. We focused deeper into appearance ideals and watched a movie called “Wonder”. This movie really made us think about what is really happening when our appearance ideals are not matched. For example, on the first day of school

Honk Jr

Honk! is afloat Preparations for the End of Year production for Honk! Jr. are well underway with just under a month until show time. Students have learned new skills in dancing, singing and acting. Posters (one of which below) designed by Joseph in MYP5 have gone up around the school, and we have ev