MBIS Sports Day

31st October 2018 MBIS Secondary section celebrated the Sports day.  On this day the atmosphere of the school took a festive look. A great interest was observed among the students and the parents. All of them came in a large number to enjoy the sports program. MBIS observed Competition, commitment,


Five years ago MBIS joined with 3 other international schools from around India to form a competitive sports league called ISACI – International Schools Activities Conference: India. As part of this league MBIS committed to participating in Boys and Girls Basketball, Football and Swimming; Boy

ISACI Update

ISACI updates Last weekend saw MBIS host our first ISACI tournament for this year. The full school attended the Opening Ceremony and set the stage for a great event. The support and cheers from our home crowd was amazing throughout the day and led to to the Girls Basketball team being in a great pos

ISACI girls team

For some of the DP students, this was their last ISACI, and even though we did not win first, second, or even third place it was still an unforgettable trip. The MBIS Eagles have something that no one can take away from them, and that is their spirit. Instead of giving up with each goal […]

Basket ball winners

This season, basketball boys won the ISACI tournament. After 4 years of hard practices for many players, the first place trophy was finally brought back to Pune. What impressed me the most in our team, was our solidarity and chemistry. I think I can compare our team to a card castle: one card goes a

Swim Gala

Last week was a busy one on the sports front with our Primary and Secondary schools having their annual Swim Galas and the ISACI Swim team heading to The American School of Bombay to compete in a lead up meet for this week’s ISACI tournament. Primary Swim Gala The Primary Swim Gala saw all student