Our regular weekly assembly was dedicated to “Thanksgiving,”, Ms Carla gave us a very informative presentation and then presented us with a challenge – what are we grateful for?  We had to go away and write our thoughts on “a feather” that became part of our display turkey’s magnificent tail !

The Teachers and Administration

We were all encouraged to contribute to the the “Grateful Turkey” .  Reflecting on what we have is good at all ages and makes us more appreciative of each other and the world around us.  Many of us are grateful for our supportive and friendly working environment, our families etc just like our students.

The Pre-school

Assembly – this week was led by Ms Carla.  She shared a nonfiction book with the students on this celebration.  A number of our students celebrate this at home and they could share with us somethings they are grateful for. Then the children sang a song with Ms Praveeta.

Thanksgiving’ in PS3

Ms. Carla, a parent and our PYP coordinator,  was invited to class to share an American celebration ‘Thanksgiving’, as a link to the current unit of inquiry IN pS3 . The sthanksgivingtudents  learned that It was originally celebrated as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of a bountiful harvest.

Ms. Carla presented the celebration through a slideshow which explained the festival, if you would like to learn more about what PS3 did please follow this link

The students then  had a discussion and the children shared what they were thankful for.The children said that they were thankful for life, for water, for family, for trees, for the school and for their friends.

Mrs Carla told the children that it was a day that we gave thanks and also showed our appreciation.

The learners were appreciative, as well as curious, when they saw pictures of some wild turkeys on Ajay’s grandparents farm. They asked questions like ‘how big the turkey babies were ?, How big is the turkey’s nest ?and where was the turkey’s face?

As part of the traditions of celebrating ‘Thanksgiving,’ the children made a gratitude turkey, and wrote down four things that they were thankful for. It was heartwarming to see the children think so deeply.  The children got their  turkeys ready,  which they  made independently right from tracing the shapes, cutting, pasting the turkeys together.