Dis-moi dix mots is a French drawing competition, organized every year by the Alliance Française de Pune in association with the Ministry of Culture and Communication of France,  in which one has to draw a picture which interprets a word ( 8-12 years) or an idiom (12 – 15 years) using one of the 10 given words related to writing techniques.

1st Prize winner:

Ira Shivadey MYP 2B

I drew the Idiom: “Arriver comme un cheveu sur la soupe” literally meaning  “to arrive like a hair in the soup”.  Figuratively it means that a person arrives in an awkward situation. I chose this one because I thought of different and unique ways to portray it. I drew Obelix, who is a French character from the famous comics, Asterix and Obelix. I chose Obelix because he was a character that I thought matched the idiom perfectly. In the comics he is always the one talking when he is not supposed to  and arriving in an awkward situation. This was a drawing for the metaphorical meaning but for the literal meaning I actually drew a soup with hair in it.

Overall I really enjoyed this competition and coming first because it allows me and everyone to have an imagination and use our creativity. We can express our way of art through an idiom which is a wonderful way to express something that might relate to you. Therefore that I really enjoyed this competition and can’t wait for it next year.

2nd prize winner:

Avika Swamy MYP 3

For my Dix-moi dix-mots illustration, I chose to create a “Logogramme” that showcases the idiom “Avoir du pain sur la planche” which literally translates to “To have bread on the Board”. The meaning of the idiom is actually “to have a lot on your plate”. The way I represented this idiom was through creating a character that was thinking about all the things that he has to do and all the stresses within his life through the representation of a machine that continues to shoot out bread and plates. I enjoyed creating this product since I liked thinking about how I would show this idiom in an art form, I chose this idiom because I was able to emotionally and creatively connect with what it represented, I immediately thought of what I wanted to do after I read it and understood what it meant. 

3rd Prize winner:

Krishna Amin MYP 4

In the competition called “Dis-Moi Dix Mots” organized by Alliance Francaise, we were asked to pick an idiom which appealed to us and using that idiom we had to create an illustration. I chose the idiom “L’avocat du Diable” meaning The Devil’s Advocate. I stood third in my category and was very pleased. I think the competition is a good initiative as it encourages creativity while also inculcating learning of the language.