(Members: Meghan, Ahan, Haewon, Hendrik, Yugveer, Chaitra)

Since 2017, I’ve been involved with the Doorstep school, who has the goal of educating the children of construction workers as they constantly move sites, affecting the regularity of their education. Our group’s goal was to teach the kids English, and I personally was dealing with coming up with plans alongside my team-members and assisting kids during the sessions to ensure we kept on track and also to help all the kids keep up with the pace of our lessons. I’ve also become co-leader of this group, so my main role is to coordinate and organize group members during planning sessions and allocation of materials etc. Within each session, I was a sort of teacher’s assistant, where I would supervise children falling behind in the session as I had some fluency in Marathi and Hindi, the kids’ mother tongue, but not enough to lead the session. As such, I got to individually focus on several kids’ learning and was able to give insight into how the group’s pace was working in regards to the kids’ understanding levels.

This activity was a very rewarding experience as I was able to bond with the kids and watch them grow from session to session. It was amazing to see how the kids started to grow out of their shells and gain confidence from session to session and how they started to learn collaborative and interpersonal skills along the way as well. At the beginning of this experience, the environment was very competitive and the kids always tried to outdo one another. Now, the kids support each other’s efforts and maintain the competitive spirit while also being very collaborative and encouraging to one another. It was a very fruitful experience to see this transformation that went along with the kids’ English improvements, making this experience a holistic one.

Personally, this activity was an ongoing learning experience that helped me develop several skills that I had learnt throughout the CAS process. The biggest skill I have developed in this experience is collaboration and critical thinking, as this activity was dependent on effective collaboration between group members to develop plans and take action during the sessions. Critical thinking was crucial to reflect on the kids’ progress and efficiency of our plans to improve further, which allowed us to move forward and progress through the past 2 years. Overall, this activity has been a learning experience for both me and the kids involved, and has helped me develop several skills in an environment different from my other CAS activities.

Article written by: Chaitra Takle