Over the course of the past three months, members of the Student Council have been organizing the DP Night, an event to celebrate the DP’s accomplishments over the years. Facing each challenge that came along with integrity, perseverance, and enthusiasm, we succeeded in organizing an enjoyable and memorable event!  The event was hosted at The Sheraton on the March 30th where the students were warmly welcomed by Ms. Daisy and Ms. Isabel as they entered, the hall was resplendent in black and gold following the theme of The Great Gatsby arranged with the help of three student council members, Sophia Shahril, Mehek Mehra and Aagneya Tripathi. Each table had been covered by a Dark soothing cloth embedded with an elegant pattern, combined with a jar of small white flowers layered with fairy lights giving a simplistic yet ornate design to the hall. By 7:30 pm the students began to fill the hall following through with a unique experience full night filled with glam for the camera everyone dressed in their best and most glamourous clothes posed for pictures with each other as both classes got together as one. The aroma filled with delectable appetizers as the hotel staff walked through the hall offering a wide range of mouth-watering appetizers that were unresistable. To much of their delight students approached the dance floor as the speakers boomed with nostalgic music as soon the air was filled with frivolous laughter and joy for the rest of the night. As the night had come to an end the students left the event with a memorable night.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our chaperones: Ms. Daisy, Ms.Jodi, Mr. Victor and Ms. Isabel. A special thanks goes to Mr. Joseph and Mr. Thomas whom enlight the evening with his camera and the display of the pics on the wall for our delight.

Special guests for that night were Ms. Eileen Niedermann and Mr. Tim Getter.

Last but not least we would like to have a special appreciation to the DP parents whom were supporting us all the way with our decoration. The WhatsApp group created was extremely helpful. Thank you all for coming, supporting and encouraging us with this students initiative that we hope continue for many years to come.