We as house vice captains with permission from Ms. Helen decided to hold inter house quiz for PYP 2 & 3.   We first reflected on the inter -house quiz held for PYP 4 & 5 and discussed how we can make this experience even better. We all decided that we have to spend some time reflecting, discussing and planning.

We met several weeks during snack breaks and came up with a plan. We will lead our house participants to their designated seats. The tables will be labelled beforehand. The quiz masters will be agile, caring and supportive.

We worked on quiz questions making sure we addressed all the categories that PYP 2 & 3 were interested in.

We created the quiz in ‘kahoot’. Some questions also had pictures to help ELA children.

On the day of quiz we were excited and nervous. We were ready and waiting outside the class for the students to assemble. We led them to their seat and helped them to settle down with their snacks before we began the quiz.

We as vice captains had as much fun as the students who participated in it.

Looking forward to conduct more activities and fun games soon.

Feedback and feedforward from the PYP2

They liked that it was long, fun and entertaining. They were also glad that we fellow vice and house captains included them in this wonderful activity, but they think maybe next time we could ask them what topics they were interested in.

Ms Megna said that ‘she loved it and she thought it was very entertaining and fun even though she was only watching’. 

Overall this was a wonderful experience for both vice- captain and the PYP2 & 3, this was a good way to practice and display leadership and organisation skills.

Rhea Israni

Vice captains PYP- 4