What a celebration of diversity when the French language connects two diverse international schools in two different countries!

The PYP2-3-4-5 French students of Ms Fanny Passeport’s classes experienced what it means to collaborate globally!

As we learnt about the different ways French learners can communicate and solve problems around the world, Ms. Fanny Passeport thought that it would be great for the students to get in touch with other French learners in another international school. That is how two global collaboration projects started with the Anglo-American School (AAS) of Sofia in Bulgaria.

The MBIS PYP2-3 students wrote a collective postcard to the Grade 2 French class there and our PYP4-5 engaged in a “Mystery Skype” with the Grade 4 French class at AAS.

As the students prepared and engaged in those authentic tasks, they realised the importance of collaboration, organisation and communication skills. Those experiences allowed both MBIS and AAS students to understand the role of the French language in developing interconnected and international mindedness. Students took risks to communicate meaning and perspectives, even when they were not sure, and they really had a lot of fun as well!

During the writing of the postcard (in PYP2-3), students enjoyed sharing their passion and interests i French and refined their spelling and pronunciation in the process. They also organised themselves to design a card that would be creative and aesthetic so they could impress their audience!

During the Skype (in PYP4-5), students formulated good questions, kept track of questions and responses, used geographic tools and inferred meaning through contextual clues to finally guess the other class’ location! It was a fun learning experience that all happened in French!

To conclude this fantastic project, Ms. Fanny Passeport also had the incredible experience to visit the Anglo-American School of Sofia and interact directly with the French learners, as part of her transition week there because she will be joining the school in the next academic year!

Fanny Passeport