Over the course of the past week, the Guys and Dolls team has been finalizing the first few scenes. Now being reasonably comfortable with the actions, dialogue and songs of Scenes 1-3, the cast and ensemble are working on adding some finishing touches to these scenes. In this week’s rehearsal, the cast had a run-through of Scenes 1-8. This run-through was very rough and many things need to be worked on, however, the separate characters know their parts and have a general idea of the way each scene should look. Hopefully, by the end of this week, we can have a run-through with Scenes 1-8 mostly finalised.

            This week’s character reveal focuses on Harry the Horse! another member of the crapshooters’ crew, Harry the Horse is played by Anjali Kumaran. Harry is often seen alongside Big Jule, a newcomer to New York who he is eager to please and is constantly commending. He is quite a humorous character, he is seen in all the ensemble numbers in the musical.

Stay tuned for more information and another character reveal next week!

Guys & Dolls Jr. Team