With the final show only three weeks away, the cast has been working very hard to add final touches to some choreography and work on lines, blocking, etc. This Saturday, the team had a full run-through of Scenes 1-8, and it is looking great already. Some minor aspects have to be worked on, however, the cast and ensemble are very excited to present the show soon. They are working on perfecting the choreography and making sure everything looks ready. Stay tuned!

This week, we’ll be revealing a character who plays a vital role in the musical– Nicely-Nicely Johnson played by Sneh Deshpande! Nicely-Nicely Johnson is walking, talking, Broadway comedy. Adding a fantastic comic feel to the show, he is seen singing solos in multiples songs, such as ‘The Fugue for Tinhorns’, ‘The Oldest Established’, and one of the musical’s most iconic songs– ‘Sit Down You’re Rockin’ the Boat’.

Stay tuned for further updates and the most exciting character reveal so far next week!

Guys & Dolls Jr. Team