With the show just a week away, the cast is working extra hard to complete and add any finishing touches to the show. Performing a run from Scenes 9-12 this week, they are making very good progress and getting ready for the final performance. This week’s rehearsal, the team worked on the songs and choreography of ‘Sit down You’re Rockin’ the Boat’ and ‘Luck Be a Lady’. Soon, they will also begin with doing full run-throughs to figure out any minor tweaks that need to be made.

Leading up to the week before the show, we’ll be introducing the two leading couples of the show– Sky Masterson played by Denzel Tan and Sarah Brown played by Prisha Kapoor! Sky Masterson is the quintessential, “smooth-as-velvet” Broadway gambler; he is slick and charming. In today’s terms, he would be called “a player.” Sky has multiple solos and duet songs, including the strong and hooking “Luck Be a Lady”. He also has a soft spot for Sarah Brown.

Speaking of, Sarah Brown is the “girl next door” with an adventurous side that’s waiting to escape. She is gently authoritative, the mirror opposite of Sky. Sky is her weakness. Sarah is about substance as much as Sky is about style. Leading the Save-a-Soul mission alongside her grandfather Arvide Abernathy, Sarah tries her hardest to get sinners and gamblers to come to prayer meetings and change their ways. With a strong voice, Sarah sings songs all throughout the play, as well as the duet with her love interest– Sky Masterson– in “I’ll Know”.

Our final character introduction features Miss Adelaide, played by Avanya Heyworth, and Nathan Detroit, played by Myung Chan Kim! Miss Adelaide is the classic “intellectually – challenged floozy.” Full of personality, she speaks in a thick New York City accent and has comedic lines sure to make everyone laugh! Engaged to Nathan Detroit for 20 years but never able to marry him, Adelaide works at the Hot Box, along with her Hot Box girls who are featured in her solo ‘A Bushel and a Peck’.

Finally, we have Nathan Detroit– the heart and soul of Guys and Dolls Jr! Present in numerous scenes of the show, he is seen running around with his gambler friends, such as Nicely-Nicely Johnson and Benny South street, trying to organize his crap game. Throughout all this rush, Nathan’s big secret is that he wants to marry Adelaide; he just can’t bring himself to admit it.

Come to the show to watch how the stories of these extremely interesting– and entertaining– characters unfold in our show ‘Guys and Dolls Jr.’!

Make sure to buy your ticket to the MYP End of Year show ‘Guys & Dolls Jr.’ to watch the musical on the 7th of June. See you there!

Tickets are available for the Guys and Dolls Jr at the school reception. Get yours for INR 200/- Some may also be available at the venue.

The Guys & Dolls Jr. Team