What a fantastic weekend of sport for MBIS Eagles!

isaciOur ISACI Boys Soccer and Girls Basketball teams had a very successful weekend in Hyderabad. Both teams competed their first day undefeated – 2 wins each. The boys had a fast start to the tournament winning their first match 5-2 and then coming from behind to defeat the host school 2-1. Our Lady Eagles had 2 extremely close matches winning each match by less than 5 points.

Day 2 of the tournament saw our boys play the favorites, TBS in their final round robin match. Already safely in the Championship match later in the day they were able to experiment and push TBS finally going down by 1 goal. The girls also already through to the finals were able to rest many of their starting lineup to give others much court experience. The girls entered the final match of the tournament without a loss and were set to face the hometown favorites in the final.

The boys soccer was the first to start and our boys faced an uphill challenge after being down by 1 goal less than one minute into the game. Against a physically strong and skillful TBS team we finally finished the tournament as runners up, losing the Championship to the favorites. Back in the gym our girls took to the court against ISH and in a tight match they were ultimately beaten by ISH by 2 points. The gym was buzzing as our Eagles fought hard and tried to overcome the crowd as well as the home team.

At the end of ISACI, both Eagles teams finished in 2nd place. It was a fantastic weekend highlighted by great team performances from both our teams. They showisaci1ed determination and fight right to the last second and were proud and excellent ambassadors for MBIS. Congratulations to both our teams and coaches on a great tournament.

While our senior teams were in Hyderabad some of our up and coming Eagles made their way to The American School of Bombay on Saturday for a Middle School Soccer tournament. Despite finding the traffic more than challenging they eventually arrived and took to the field in a 7 a side tournament. Our team of MYP 1,2 and 3 players came away with 3 straight wins, only narrowly being defeated in their 4th match in just over 3 hours. This was a great warm up for one of our Middle School Sports Festival squads, with our Girls and the other boys squad having the same opportunity Dec 3rd.

Season 3 and Season 4 ISACI have started this week. Please see below for days and times. Students are reminded to check the noticeboard outside the PE office for transportation information.

Here are the practice days for the next season:

(Unless stated otherwise practice times are 15.15 – 16.10)


  • ISACI MSSF Boys Soccer
  • ISACI MSSF Girls Basketball
  • ISACI Boys  Cricket
  • ISACI Girls Volleyball


  • Girls Soccer


  • ISACI Boys Cricket (15.15 – 17.00)
  • Boys & Girls Basketball


  • ISACI MSSF Girls Soccer
  • ISACI MSSF Boys Basketball
  • ISACI Girls Volleyball (15.15 – 17.00)
  • Swimming (PYP 3 to DP 2)


  • Boys Soccer


  • ISACI MSSF Boys & Girls Soccer & Basketball (10.00 – 12.00)
  • ISACI Boys Cricket (12.00 – 14.00)
  • ISACI Girls Volleyball (09.30 – 11.00)

Saturday morning soccer

Our Saturday morning soccer crew have their mini tournament on this Saturday for PYP 1 to MYP 2 students. Players will be divided into 2 teams and play in a modified round robin tournament. This is designed to foster interest in the sport and give our younger Eagles the skills necessary to continue into ISACI teams over the coming years. Thank you to our DP students and parents who have been successfully running these sessions the entire year.

Thank you for your support of the EAGLES program,

Jodi O’Reilly