ISACI updates

Last weekend saw MBIS host our first ISACI tournament for this year. The full school attended the Opening Ceremony and set the stage for a great event. The support and cheers from our home crowd was amazing throughout the day and led to to the Girls Basketball team being in a great position at the end of Day 1. Day 2 saw our Lady Eagles

continue fighting and advance to the Championship match where they displayed great skills and resilience to finish the tournament in second place.

In Bangalore our Boys soccer team narrowly missed the Championship final having to rely on other teams to move through. After a narrow loss and draw early in the tournament our boys stormed home to win both matches on Day 2 to finish in 3rd place. Congratulations to both our teams on fantastic results.

Please watch this space next week for full reviews of the tournaments by the ISACI captains. In the meantime, enjoy the photos!