The Mathematics Department has taken the initiative to include elements of the school mission within the classroom.  While learning is always continuous with math concepts, we have tried to also incorporate responsibility and diversity.

Encouraging Responsibility:

The Mathematics department has been determined to focus on building responsibility by encouraging students to recap the concepts taught in class.  Students are encouraged to formulate mental math questions, 4 questions to recap and command terms/terminology on a rotation basis each happening once in 7 day cycle. Some tools used are Kahoot quizzes, answer garden, math games and transum. This has not only given the students a sense of responsibility but an opportunity to be an active part of classroom events.

Promote Learning:

Khan Academy is a popular resource this academic year, as this allows students and teachers to monitor the progress. Khan Academy also uses MAP scores to generate personalised study recommendations. This feature helps us differentiate learning strategies suitable for each student’s pace. Students watch videos independently and solve questions based on them. This encourages them to revisit the topics covered in class and master them at their own pace. The website provides a series of step by step instructions, which have contributed to overall growth of our students. The website is equally beneficial to the teachers, as it produces a report for them to monitor the students’ work. Using math websites such as transum, Math Games, nrich maths and mathisfun has made practicing, learning and understanding math concepts more accessible to students, so that they can revisit at their own time and space as well as to challenge themselves.

Celebrate diversity

DP2 students just submitted their final extended essays. We had three students submit their extended essays in Mathematics in diverse fields connected to real life situations. Students’ understanding, passion and upgraded motivation has helped them to devise sophisticated pieces of work. We have essays in cryptocurrencies and block chains, cypher techniques and mathematics involved in the security of public and private keys and solutions to heat equations from computational fluid dynamics. It’s a pleasure to see more students now pursuing mathematics at university with their extended interest.

Anjali Singh

HOD Mathematics