The final MBIS disco party, cannot be put into words. From making a human pyramid, while dancing to “Old Town Road”, to girls taking selfies at the photo booth station, the whole two hours, I’d say MBIS’s last disco party, certainly hit a home run. The students seemed fairly pleased with the music, and a sense of “togetherness” dawned between all three grades. The dimly lit room, created a sketchy Bronx type of feel, which the students appreciated. The night was high, all grade levels eventually started dancing, mingling, and, well, no party would be complete without a bit of gossiping too!

This whole party would not be possible, without the immense help we got from faculty members and students. First to our chaperones, Ms. Kristen, Mr. Fernando, Ms, Sayli, Mr. Amid, Ms. Maya and Ms. Meghali. A special thanks goes to Ms. Pushpinder Rana, for her guidance and suggestions, which got us where we are today and Ms. Isabel Martin, who was with the disco party committee from the very beginning, and last but not least to the Supreme members, for helping set up and clean up the mess which we made.

Furthermore, a shout-out to the Party Committee itself. The members include, Tia Sarcia, Priya Aswani and Devanshi Trivedi from MYP 3, Manya Gupta and Hedaya Ismail Alajili from MYP 2, Uma Israni and Riddhimaa Jain from MYP 1 and some others student council class rep and not class rep whom didn’t hesitate to jump in and support the realisation of this party.

After tireless work and effort from teachers and students, we have made this party a true success. It really was a joint effort, and a joint celebration between MYP 1-3. Watching everybody socialize and dance with each other, was truly a pleasing memory, which will never be forgotten.

By: Devanshi Trivedi