Celebrating diversity, promoting learning and encouraging responsibility through the MYP Personal Project.

The questions and responses below were captured during the fair and aim to give a flavour of the diligence, perspectives and varied interests of our MYP5 students.

Q1.  What is the fundamental purpose of the Personal Project in the MYP curriculum and what makes it so special?

The personal project is a core aspect of the IB Middle Years Programme and represents a significant milestone in the journey of our students. It provides students in MYP5 the opportunity to explore a topic that really interests them, developing their skills of independent thinking, communication, self-management and research. The project can be one of the most rewarding aspects of an IB course of study and acts as a stepping stone towards the IB Diploma, arming our students with a skill set to help them succeed in their future studies.

(Mark Gardner – MYP Co-ordinator)

Q2. How has the Personal project been significant for you personally?

“The project has given me the unique opportunity to create something that has interested me and could make a difference to the community”. (Elsie Bebbington-Jones – MYP 5 student.)

“The Personal project has allowed me to work on my passion, experiment in different working styles and challenge myself differently to being in class. This was a self directed project and we had lots of autonomy.” (Serina Koura – MYP 5 student).

Q3. What is your Personal project about and why did you choose to focus on this?

“My project was on the Physics of golf and the Science involved when I play golf. I wanted to create a fitness and skills plan for another student who was interested in learning how to play golf. So I looked into pressure, force, kinematics. (Rishab Raval – MYP 5 student)

“My project was about creating a training schedule for Basketball players. Basketball is my passion and I want to develop its popularity in India starting with our MBIS students. I would like to set up a long running tournament to showcase students who I have coached so that the sport continues at MBIS long after I have left” (Yuvaan Garware – MYP 5 student).

Q4. What has been the highlight of your Personal Project?

“Writing a novel and then editing the book for audience appeal. I had such a sense of achievement” (Shreya Margale).

“Composing a piece of music to enhance concentration and finishing a rough draft of my song. I reassured myself that I am a creative person. Another highlight was also receiving feedback from parents, students and staff about my project” (Yoo Jeong An– MYP 5 student)

Q5. How do you think your Personal Project will help you in the DP and for the future?

“As the project is so student-led, it will help me manage my time to my standards. I also realised that the amount I got back was the amount I put in…that’s important to remember” (Eve Latham – MYP 5 student)

“I realised the importance of trial and error through overcoming challenges when things did not go as planned for my project. I then had to use my research skills to find another solution, persevere and keep going” (Nidhi Gaur – MYP 5 student).

Q6. What are the specific ATL (Approaches to Learning) skills that you have tapped into?

“Communication was a big one. I interviewed a School Principal to help collect her opinions and this gave me useful data that I could use to design my product, books for international sign language” ( Hyeon Uk – MYP 5 student)

“Thinking skills. I had to think hard about how the design and language of my booklet on developing football skills would suit my intended audience” (Paul Casamian – MYP 5 student)

Q7. What would you advise MYP4 students for their future Personal projects?

“To stick to the plan and deadlines that you have created. Don’t procrastinate, just get started. Also do something you are passionate about or you will get bored for 8 months of your school life” (Shreya Joshi – MYP5 student)

Q8. As a parent, what are your impressions of the Personal Project fair?

“It’s a great way to encourage deep learning and I like the way the ideas have come from the student’s mind and not the text book…it’s so student driven. The students have clearly supported each other through this project and this has helped develop their sense of community. I would recommend all parents to attend to see how capable our students are”. (MYP5 Parent).