To begin with, my CAS project was first started with the idea of bringing out the significance of the Christmas wreath on this occasion. Also, as Christmas was around the corner it gave me a perfect opportunity to undertake this mission with the help of origami. Instead of making a traditional one, my objective was to make it very engaging for the kids with the help of origami model. The model sure is difficult to make but I was confident enough of our team work and the response from my intended audience as well. My intended audience was primary kids, but it got even more limited to the staff children as they were available on my suitable timings. Even though they were a small number, it was still difficult for us to handle them because after all they are kids and even though they had a lot of doubts we made sure that all of them were answered as it was the key to make the wreath.

As the classes were progressing, I was very happy to see that the kids were taking a lot of interest in what they were making and they were also very curious as to what the outcome might be. At the end of the project the kids were really happy with what they had made and after getting some verbal feedback some even said that they would like to continue the club and I did so and the kids were very happy and excited to hear this news which in turn made me happy as well. This time I made sure that I try not to repeat the same mistakes that happened during the initial stages. As the project continued more kids joined in. Our group’s objective for the extended activity was to make origami models which the kids would be able to make wherever they are, in order to engage themselves in a better activity.

To conclude this project, I decided to volunteer in of the maker morning session that take place on Saturday and this included individual and collaborative projects which consisted of simple models so that they can create a hanging mural and take the individual projects home. I decided to teach them how to make butterflies, paper hearts and a frog which related to the theme of nature and spring and at the end this activity helped parents bind with their children as well, which was the whole objective of the project.        

Aishwarya Pochiraju