Extended Essay

The Extended Essay (EE) is a compulsory, core component of the Diploma Programme (DP), consisting of a 4000 word, independent research project. The EE needs to be done in a very structured way, similar to the sort of work one would do for a thesis at university. It should be based on one of the DP subjects the student is studying which extends the scope of their studies by either going into more depth on a topic or researching a topic that is not covered in the syllabus. Students are introduced to the EE late in their DP1 year and are assigned a supervisor to assist them.


  • Group 1, the essay will be literature based and similar to their normal assignments.
  • Group 2, their essay can be either language-based or culturally-based and has to be written in that language.
  • Group 3, their essay needs to have a theme based in that subject.
  • Group 4, their essay should be an experimental investigation.
  • Group 5, they must be able to do the mathematics that they are writing about.
  • Group 6, their essay needs to have a theme based in that subject.

For the EE there are criteria to be followed to do with the research methods and presentation. The subject students choose will determine how these criteria are applied to their essay. EE supervisors will give details of how these criteria are applied.