Group 1 – Studies in Language and Literature

Students must choose a Group 1 course that, as far as possible, is most suited to their needs and that will provide them with an appropriate academic challenge. There are two possible choices for students to take in Group 1 – the Literature course or the Language and Literature course. Students who take these courses will often have varied language profiles and may be multilingual. The choice of the specific Group 1 course will depend on a student’s and teacher’s interests and the student’s future educational plans.

The Literature course is designed for students to study a range of literary texts written in or translated into their “first language” (or “mother tongue” or “home language”). This course requires a very high level of ability in the language of study, encouraging students to appreciate the artistry of literature and to develop an ability to reflect critically on their reading. Works are studied in their literary and cultural contexts, through close study of individual texts and passages, and by considering a range of critical approaches.

We offer:

  • English Literature HL & SL
  • German Literature HL & SL
  • Korean Literature HL & SL

For languages not offered at MBIS, students may opt to follow a “school supported self-taught” Literature course (Standard Level only) in which they are given assistance with literary techniques by an English teacher and then study texts in their first language.

Language and Literature
This course is for students who have a good grasp and understanding of the language being studied and who are able to study literature in that language. The student who opts for this course may be a first language user, or someone with a very developed understanding of this language as a Second Language. This course involves the study of both literary and non-literary texts. This course is offered in English only.

We offer:

  • English Language & Literature HL & SL