Group 6 – The Arts

While prior music experience is strongly recommended for those students who opt for Higher Level (HL), it is not mandatory for Standard Level (SL). The course provides an appropriate foundation for further study in music at university level or in other music career pathways. It is designed to offer students the opportunities to build on prior experiences in music while encouraging a broad approach to the subject and developing new skills, techniques and ideas. The course also aims at developing the student’s potential as musicians, either as a soloist or in ensembles, and as composers and creators of music. The programme of study builds on a strong fundamental and theoretical base, but weights the practical performance and developing of performance skills highly.

We offer:

  • Music HL & SL

Visual Arts

This course is designed to provide students with an authentic approach to the Visual arts as a discipline with many facets that lead to a very concrete outcome.  The Exhibition is the culminating activity that is realized through many approaches; the exhibition text, curatorial rationale, hanging and placement are just a few that will challenge the student through planning and much discussion.  The Curatorial Rationale component of the programme is expected of both Higher Level ( HL) and Standard ( SL) students.  HL students are required to submit 700 words and the SL students 400 words that help to justify the inclusion of such work in their final exhibition.

The Exhibition requires work that is chosen from a list of possible media to work from.  Basically two dimensional, three dimensional, and digital work are all possibilities for students at the HL and SL to experiment with.  SL students are expected to submit  4-7 resolved pieces while HL students need 8-11 pieces.

The Comparative Study is a component that is required of both the HL and SL student and offers both a challenge and opportunity to prove understanding and creativity with presentation methods.  HL and SL students are required to submit 10-15 digital screens. In addition to the screens, higher level students also need to submit a piece that was influenced by one of the artists chosen for the study along with 3-5 screens that help to show evidence of the process.

The Process Portfolio provides students at the higher as well as standard level the opportunity to share evidence related to a very structured and defined set of criteria that the IB has laid out.  Again the number of screens required, differs according to the level a student has registered for.  13-25  digital screens are required at the higher level and 9-18  digital screens for the standard level.

In addition to the very specific material needed for achievement, the Visual arts students should come prepared to spend class time as well as leisure time exploring ideas and concepts.  This approach will help each student to gain an authentic concept of the visual arts as an area of study and will help to prepare them for what is to come at the university level of education.

We offer:

  • Visual Arts HL & SL