MBIS celebrated the 10th anniversary of European Languages Day as MBIS teaches four of these European languages. It was an excellent opportunity to heighten language awareness throughout the school.

With our activities, we aimed to highlight three important points: firstly, the necessity in today’s global world of being able to communicate in more than one language, secondly, the fact that each language has its own specific sound and letter patterns, and thirdly, that these languages, despite their specificity, are interrelated.

In order to minimize disruption to normal teaching, the students prepared for this day during homeroom.

We have programmed the following activities:

  • in language groups, students will make posters to advertise their language and why we should learn it;
  • in language groups, students made cards with three expressions (hello, goodbye and thank you) in their language
  • in home room, student did language quiz.
  • those who volunteered to teach, started prepared their ‘lesson’, and if they required help, they approached the language teachers
  • students in their homeroom group went round the different stations and completed the list of languages. The team which completed in the shortest time was the winner. Prizes were awarded at assembly the following week.
  • during one lesson, the students who volunteered set up stands and taught students who come to their stand.