At MBIS, approximately 60% of our students speak English as an additional Language. They come from 30 nationalities approximately. We celebrate and support our multilingual student community, while making a firm commitment to assist all our students who are working towards becoming fluent in English , which is our Language of Instruction(LOI). Research shows that being bilingual has a positive effect on the intellectual performance. It is our aim at MBIS to develop the student’s bilingualism by facilitating their English language learning. We are dedicated to creating a well implemented EAL programme and a welcoming, caring environment where students feel accepted, happy and comfortable enough to accept challenges and become risk takers in the acquisition of a new language.

More than just language learning, the EAL(English as an additional Language) Department at MBIS holds a safe-space for all those whose mother tongue is not English to find their bearings, take root and grow. Our teachers take great pride in ensuring that each student integrates by phases into mainstream classes. Students leave EAL fully equipped to make friends and learn about each other’s cultures on the road to becoming inquiring, global citizens.