Student Council

The student council is a student body with a representative from each class, a President, a Secretary and a Treasurer. There are teacher representatives also on the council. The student council runs the tuck shop and various other social and community awareness programmes throughout the year like spreading awareness and raising funds for a social cause, taking forward student concerns to relevant authorities, working with PYP student council on certain issues.

Instrumental Tuition

The school has offered piano tuitions within school hours.

Service as Action

  • MBIS fosters high moral, social and cultural values, mutual respect and international understanding.’ A community is a group of people living, working or relaxing together. We are all members of communities including our family, homeroom, school, local neighborhood and the world. Situated, as we are, in India we have many opportunities to make a real difference to the place where we live.
  • Community and Service is an important part of the MYP curriculum and our school requires that every student takes part in Service element each year.
  • It is important to look for ways to contribute and there is a list of opportunities for them to choose from. Students may also take up an activity which is not listed or that they are especially interested in. They need to be speak to the Service coordinator and get the approval on it before they start.
  • Buddy Reading Schemes/PYP helpers
  • Snehalaya – A home of love (Children with multiple disorders and cerebral palsy)
  • Going beyond borders to countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal for serving the community and still maintaining contacts.
  • Fund Raising – for a cause

All activities, whether carried out at MBIS or outside of MBIS, will only be considered as Service if students have an adult supervisor for the activity and they sign off for that activity which is recorded in the Student Involvement Record Sheet.Students complete a Student Reflection Sheet for each activity. They show evidence of developing the activity and ensuring its success, where appropriate.

Field Trips

Field trips are an integral part of the learning programme offered at all year levels. The students often go on short visits during school hours as a part of their curriculum. Once a year the students go for a 5-7 day Field Trip outside Pune. Field Trips are seen as an extension of the academic programme and it is an expectation that students will take part in the relevant field trip.

  • Swimming Gala
  • Science Fair