Role of the Personal Project

The IB places great importance on the expression of the student’s personality and potential as measured by means of a personal project. It provides an opportunity for students to select a topic or theme about which they are enthusiastic, and to show commitment to the completion of their own project. It is designed to assess their ability to organize and create, and thus must not be part of the coursework for any other subject. Grades are awarded for the personal project in the same way as for the eight subject groups of the MYP curriculum. In addition, for schools requiring IB certification, candidates must have completed a personal project that is at least worthy of a grade 3 in order to be eligible for the MYP Certificate.

Supervision of the Personal Project

It is the school’s responsibility to ensure that each student engaged in the project is under the direct supervision of a qualified person in the school, who can provide appropriate guidance and vouch for the authenticity of the work submitted. This teacher or other professional within the school is termed the supervisor.

Although the supervisor does not need any specialist knowledge in the area selected by the student, outside help may be requested in some instances.