Definition of LSC:  At various stages in a student’s education a need for extra support may be perceive,  this may be in a specific area such as reading, maths, writing or processing information. Support may  be required due to an illness, medical condition, behavioural, or emotional difficulty. In other circumstances a pupil may be identified with a particular talent or strength. The exceptional talent(s) may or may not be accompanied with a learning or behavioural difficulty. The MBIS Learning Skills Centre (LSC) supports these various learning needs for the Preschool, PYP, MYP and DP. Support may be in the classroom and/or outside (on a withdrawal basis) as required. Needs may be on either end of the ability continuum and should firstly be supported through in-class differentiation prior to testing a students  to establish if there is a specific need or condition.

Services provided by the LSC :

Support  :

In-class no IEP – if a low level of support or short term support is identified by the LSC dept this will be carried out in class.

After –testing  Once a child is identified with a learning need that requires more targeted intervention, parents sign a consent form to allow the support to be given . Children will have at least two lessons per week, in-class or withdrawn, with the concerned LSC specialist. This still may not result in an IEP.