This week the highlight has been our PS3-PYP2 Sports Day with the PYP3-5 Sports Day taking place on Monday.

Our ISACI Middle School Sports Festival tryouts are taking place with MYP 1,2 and 3 students trying out in both Football and Basketball. At the same time our Boys Cricket and Girls Volleyball teams are in training for the upcoming seasons.

Primary Sports Days

PS3-PYP2 Sports Day took place on Monday. Students participated in 6 different activities that were created and run by our MYP 4 students. Following on from these all students participated in a 40m sprint and a relay race: one for each boys and girls.

At various points throughout the morning the energetic and enthusiastic athletes would break out in house cheers looking for bonus points. Parents came decked out in house colors, also hoping to score extra points for their child’s house.

After multiple obstacle courses, relays, parachute games and house cheers it was time to announce the winning house. It had been a close tussle all day between Vayu (yellow) and Prithvi (green) and after a second round of house cheering Vayu emerged victorious by 20 points.

Congratulations to Vayu House for winning the PS3-PYP2 Sports Day. Congratulations and well done to all the students who participated throughout the morning and made the Sports Day a success.

PYP 3 to PYP 5          Monday 17th Dec      8:30am – 13:00pm (lunch 13:00pm – 13:30pm)

The upper Primary Sports Day will start at 8.30am with House meetings before the students move to their activities.

Outline of the morning:

8.30am                        House Meetings

8.45am – 9.35am        Miracle Half Miles

9:50am – 11.40am      Station Activities (including break)

12.00pm – 12.20pm    Relays

12.25pm – 12.40pm    Parent Participation Walk

12.40pm – 12.55pm    Awards

13.00pm – 13.30pm    Lunch for those that sign up – this form was sent by Ms Edna.

In the PYP 3-5 Sports Day we will continue with our Parent/Teacher/Student Participation event. Parents are asked to wear appropriate clothing so they can walk (or run) laps that will help count towards the House points. Parents will also score bonus points for their child’s house by wearing the appropriate house colour.

What do all PYP3 – PYP5 students need for their Sports Day?

  • PE uniform with sports shoes
  • Water bottle
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Packed snacks
    • Juice – if you wish
    • Water bottle – compulsory
    • Fruit
    • Cookies, muesli bars
    • No chocolate
    • No milk drinks or fizzy drinks

Students will carry their packed snacks with them on the field. They will not be able to leave the grass field unless it is for toilet breaks so please make sure snacks are easily accessible and only finger food .

ISACI updates:

ISACI season 3 and 4 are now well underway with students trying out for various teams.

Our Middle School Sports Festival teams will be selected shortly with the tournament taking place at MBIS 30th Jan – 2nd Feb, 2019. Parents are reminded that MBIS are required to provide housing for 60 visiting athletes and we will be asking parents from previous seasons to assist with this.

Both the Boys and the Girls MSSF teams have matches in Mumbai on Jan 12th, then at MBIS on Jan 19th as a lead up to the tournament. Boys Basketball & Girls Football will travel to Oberoi International school on Saturday 12th Jan, leaving MBIS at approx 6.30am. On Jan 19th MBIS will play host to OIS and another team in Middle School Boys Football and Girls Basketball. More information will come out as we return from the break.

Although India is one of the great cricketing nations here at MBIS we are again struggling to fill all spots in our Cricket team. The team will travel to Hyderabad 6th – 9th March and we are looking for at least 12 players. We currently have 7 players signed up and need a minimum of 11 to travel. We have now opened this up for students in MYP 1 and 2 as well as all older grades, but younger students need to be aware of the physical differences in strength and speed if they choose to try out. However, if you can throw, catch or play baseball MBIS Eagles need you! Please contact myself or Mr Praveen Sharma if you are interested in trying out.

The Girls Volleyball team are looking for back to back titles after a successful season last year and are hard at work in preparation to defend their title.

ISACI swimming starts Monday 11th Feb, 2019 and will travel to Delhi 4th – 6th April

Ms. Jodi