The PTA takes pride in helping to bring together the MBIS community through its various sponsored events.  In the past these events have included but were not limited to:

  • Coffee mornings – New parents get an opportunity to share a cup of coffee with the existing community.
  • Annual International Day – Celebrating the diversity in MBIS
  • Teacher Appreciation lunch
  • Support Staff Appreciation Lunch

To see more about the PTA sponsored events, please visit the MBIS Talk Blog page.

Community Outreach Initiative:

The Community Outreach Sub-committee makes a tremendous effort to reach out into the community and work with various local NGOs to support the community in which our school resides.  From in-house events like the Joy of Giving to external ventures that improve the quality of life of those less fortunate than our families, the sub-committee helps inspire our children to look beyond and reach for the stars.

To see some of the Community Outreach  Initiatives, please visit our MBIS Talk Blog page.

For more information on our PTA Initiatives, please reach out to us at