O1ur Celebration of Learning began with  our  ELA students presenting their puppet show based on the storybook, “The Island”. The learners were artists and created colourful puppets .They collaboratively wrote a script and presented the finished play to the delight of  their peers and parents alike.

Throughout  the unit, the students worked independently, at different stations, inquiring into how Art communicates with us. There was an ‘Art’ station, an ‘Illustrator study’ area, ‘Writing and Illustrating stories’ station, ‘Comparing Gond Art and Aboriginal Art’ space and a ‘Shapes’ corner. As part of their Math inquiry, the students investigated how artists use shapes in artwork and how data can be  visually represented on a Venn diagram.

The students were wonderful communicators when they interpreted ideas, feelings and experiences through their creative pieces of artwork. They also showed well developed research skills when researching into Gond and Aboriginal Art and also their favourite picture book illustrators.

Ms Gina, Ms Shantimary and Ms Monica