2The enthusiastic and nature loving students of PYP 3 enjoyed celebrating their learning journey with their parents and peers at our Celebration of Learning on our second unit of the year  “Sharing the Planet”. Throughout the course of this unit, the students approached their learning with curiosity and commitment to explore the central idea “Biodiversity relies on maintaining an interdependent balance of organisms within systems” They worked as a team to construct critical conceptual questions and used these to inquire deeply into their chosen ecosystems, so as to build on their existing knowledge. Interacting with nature on our field trip and class discussions enhanced their understanding and students were able to conclude that  interdependence is part of  nature and it  is our responsibility to maintain a harmonious balance. To conceptualise their understanding and promote their critical thinking, the students wrote narratives where they thoughtfully interwove the natural environment, interdependence, the problem of human interaction and positive action within the relevant parts of their story.

The students were very proud and eager to share their narratives as they wanted to voice their opinions and concerns to their community.  They took action by suggesting to display their stories in the library so as to spread awareness through their creative stories and make our world a better place.

The PYP 3 Team