Service learning

“It’s not the doing that matters; it’s the thinking about the doing.”—John Dewey

The process of making a positive difference in the life of someone is challenging and requires commitment and determination. It’s the result of intentionality, planning, effort, and thought. Recognizing why you do something is often more important than knowing how to do it. The more reflective you are, the more effective you get is the phrase used by Hall and Simeral to aptly describe the importance of reflection.

Multiple opportunities for reflection before, during, and after community experiences prepare our students to engage effectively in community work and invite them to explore the questions, challenges, and insights that arise over time.

Reflection must be continuous, connected, challenging, and contextualized (Eyler, Giles, and Schmiede, 1996)

These are some reflections from our students –

Anushka Srivastava (MYP-5)-Swimming team leader (Vasant Dada Patil Marathi medium Secondary school)

On 11th of October, the children from Vasant Dada School came for swimming. This was the first day they were able to get in the pool, they were very excited yet anxious to start the lesson. The swim teaching team had prepared a plan for swimming for them based on the predicted level of swimming they were at, the activities we did were no problem for them and they performed better than we had expected. This was truly a great experience for the team as we got to see how high their level was in swimming. We had the chance to work and communicate with them, they surprised us with how easily they could understand what we were trying to tell them especially with them having no background in swimming. This was an amazing experience as this was the first time the students had been in a pool. The opportunity we had to teach them was memorable and we look forward to them coming next week.

Aishwarya Laxmi Pochiraju & Harvey Jones (DP-1): Ekansh              

This Wednesday, as part of our Ekansh session after school for CAS service, the leader of the charity Ms Anita Narayan itself visited us to hear our ideas and for a small interview. Ekansh is a Pune based charity with the aim to help and support people with disabilities such as visual and physical impairment. Our plan while working with Ekansh, is to write and record a series of video lessons that will help improve the English of those who watch. We intend to upload the content we create to YouTube so that they will be accessible to a wide audience. Ms. Anita was pleased to see our plan and was happy to help us decide on changes and improvements to our ideas. We now have a solid plan for creating our YouTube lessons and will begin the recording process after the Diwali break.

As well as benefiting EKansh, we hope that we as a group will also benefit from this experience and develop enhanced skills in terms of teamwork, teaching, providing ideas and listening to the ideas of others.

Overall, our interaction with Ms. Anita was very beneficial for us as a group and we now look forward to working with EKansh further as time goes on. We would like to thank Ms. Anita for taking valuable time out of her busy day to come and talk with us and also thank Ms. Gurung for organizing the visit.