The Teacher’s Appreciation Day at MBIS, has always been a celebration of our Teacher’s and Administration staff’s efforts, dedication and commitment to the success of our students. Today was no different.
The students, parents and the PTA members came together to honor and appreciate the dedicated teaching staff. The Teacher’s Appreciation subcommittee went beyond the call of duty by coming in to the school on Sunday and decorating the Auditorium Foyer area, with bright flowers and words of appreciation. We all started our Monday morning on a very cheerful note with these artistic crafts!
Students walked in the gates of the school holding single stem flowers to be placed in vases across the school. From PS1 to DP, students took the time today, to thank their teachers in some way or another. The bouquets created in the PYP classrooms were such a medley of flowers –  a true display of the medley of personalities in the classes!
The delicious home cooked treats sent in by the parents were very well received by everyone, which made the efforts behind the event, worthwhile.  Each dish was a celebration of our diversity and a reflection on our community as a whole.
The PTA would like to thank all of the parents who took the time and effort to prepare the food, those who took the time to take over the teacher duty to allow time for the teachers to enjoy the lunch, and those who spent so many hours into the planning and execution of the event.
Most of all, on behalf of the parents, we would like to thank our teachers, the assistants, the administration, and the entire staff, for the relentless efforts they put in each day to ensuring the success and enrichment of our children.  I do not think we express our gratitude enough and this one day is just a small token of our expression.  You all are truly appreciated!
– The MBIS PTA and the Parent Community