Please find the open tenders below:

Active Tenders

  1. Civil Contract (Linked Documents) Uploaded on 30th Apr 2019
  2. HVAC Phase 1 Project (Linked Documents) Uploaded on 25th Apr 2019
  3. Solar for Phase 1 Project (Linked Documents) Uploaded on 25th Apr 2019
  4. Housekeeping Uploaded on 27th May 2019
  5. Security Guards Uploaded on 27th May 2019
  6. Stationary Uploaded on 28th May 2019
  7. Gardening Uploaded on 4th June 2019
  8. Plumbing & Electrical Uploaded on 4th June 2019
  9. Canteen Uploaded on 5th June 2019
  10. Drivers, Escorts, Maids Uploaded on 11th June 2019

Closed Tenders

  1. Architect/Design Consultant of Redevelopment Project (Uploaded on 4th Dec 2018). For work involved within premises of its registered office, MBEA hereby invites tenders from registered Architects/Design Consultant and/or registered Architectural Design firms for the scope of work involved as mentioned in the tender documents.
  2. MEPF Consultants for Solar & Centralize AC (Uploaded on 19th Feb 2019)
  3. Purchase of Toyota Innova Car (Uploaded on 8th Feb 2019).
  4. Purchase of Bus Chassis (Uploaded on 8th Feb 2019).
  5. Contract for Bus Body Building on Tata (Uploaded on 8th Feb 2019).
  6. Project Management Consultant (Phase 1) (Uploaded on 8th Mar 2019). Submission by 1400 HRS on 14th March, 2019
  7. Purchase of Bus Chassis (Uploaded on 12th Apr 2019)