Why visit an art gallery, when we have our own Da Vincis, Monets, Raphaels and Van Goghs here at MBIS!!
Staying true to the spirit of World Art Day, the PYP recently worked on a collaborative art project that symbolises the very essence of our learning community.
From PS 1 to PYP 5, each class was provided with a canvas. Parts of the canvas, some edges and bits, were covered with painter’s tape. Creative minds armed with paintbrushes, our learners, grabbed the opportunity of a blank canvas and worked collaboratively to create a masterpiece. Little did they know how their individual canvases would hold a major role in
the surprise that lay ahead!

When the painter’s tape was removed and the canvases assembled as a grid, the jigsaw puzzle was complete and the abbreviation closest to our hearts – ‘PYP’ was revealed! The end product was a collaborative art piece, but the process of creating it was all the more enriching!
Each of the 12 canvases assigned to all the PYP classes served to be more than just an art projects. The collaboration and teamwork that went into creating the end product represented the open mindedness of our learners. Sharing a common canvas and complementing each other’s brushstrokes isn’t easy, but our young artists achieved this task brilliantly, enhancing the end product further. A combination of previously known art
techniques and newly improvised styles created unique canvas paintings, fuelled by multiple perspectives and sincere efforts. Vibrant colours and patterns, bright strokes and thoughtful symbols and motifs transformed the canvas into a mindspace.
When the final piece was revealed to the PYP, it was heartwarming to see the awe and amazement. Learners saw their efforts and creativity pieced together to complete the picture, symbolising how a learning community functions, where the combined efforts of all are equally valuable and are celebrated for diversity and uniformity at the same time.
Where else would you find such a phenomenon where unique perspectives assimilate to stay true to the school’s mission and vision.
Please do come to view the art installation outside the primary library on June 7th, the day of the Student Led Conferences.